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Garrettsville Cub Scout Pack 62
Webelos I Den



Webelos Years Requirements

The Webelos years are structured differently than the previous Cub years and a bit more like Boy Scouts. We have 20 Activity Badges that can be earned, each of which takes a bit more effort than previous years.

Aquanaut Citizen Artist Forester Craftsman
Athlete Communicator Scholar Geologist Engineer
Fitness Family Member Showman Naturalist Handyman
Sportsman Readyman Traveler Outdoorsman Scientist

Unlike previous years where we spent the year earning the badge near the end, the Webelos rank badge is earned fairly early and further awards mark advancement through more activities.

Webelos Badge Requirements

  1. Parent Guide sign-off
  2. 3 months of good attendance
  3. Meaning of Webelos Badge
  4. Webelos Uniform Information
  5. Earn Badges for:
    • Fitness
    • Citizen
    • 1 other from: Mental, Outdoor or Technology
  6. Lead a Flag Ceremony - Because of the size of the den, I'll be signing this one off early and sharing the duty around over the course of the year.
  7. Learn about the requirements to be a Boy Scout
  8. Cover the Faith material on pgs 50-51 of the handbook

Compass Points Badge and 3 Compass Point Pins

  • Complete 4 additional Activity Badges to earn the Compass Points Badge
  • Complete 4 additional Activity Badges to earn each of three possible Compass Point Pins

Near the end of our Webelos years, we will also make a special preparation for entering Boy Scouts by earning the Arrow of Light Award. The Arrow of Light is considered the highest award in Cub Scouts and is the only award that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform from your time in Cub Scouts.

Arrow of Light Requirements

  1. 6 months of good attendance in Webelos II year and have earned the Webelos Badge
  2. Memorize the Boy Scout requirements
    • Scout Oath and Law
    • Scout Motto, Slogan, Sign, Salute and Handshake
    • Parts of 1st Class Scout Badge
    • Parts of Scout Uniform
    • Tie a Square Knot
  3. Earn 8 total Activity Badges (3 from Webelos badge already):
    • Fitness
    • Citizen
    • Readyman
    • Outdoorsman
    • 1 from Mental Group
    • 1 from Technology Group
    • 1 other
  4. Visit Boy Scouts as a Den
    • Boy Scout Meeting
    • Boy Scout Outdoor Activity
  5. Webelos Overnight Campout
  6. Visit a Boy Scout meeting of a Troop you'd like to join with your Parents and meet the Scout Master
  7. Complete the "Honesty" Character Connection



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